Astrid Bui

Hi, I’m Astrid Bui. I’m originally from Nha Trang, Vietnam. I migrated to the states when I was six years old. Some of my favorite hobbies are exploring new cities, learning Japanese, and cooking/learning about cuisines from all over the world. I love design because it evolves from human empathy. Design can solve problems, and lastly tell stories. I am the most passionate about human-centered and inclusive design in web and applications because I believe that accessibility cannot be ignored. To ignore accessibility, is to ignore humanity. To ignore humanity, is the day that we all perish.

“Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos—the trees, the clouds, everything,” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Yugen Shinrinyoku Ceremonial Matcha Tea Bag

I wanted to design a Matcha bag  packaging based on my strong love for Matcha, and Japanese culture. I specifically chosen and designed the visual language of the packaging to reflect the traditional essence and background of matcha and Japanese culture. The name of the company is “Yugen” means “deep awareness of the universe”. The design of the Yugen was inspired by the Japanese “Hanko” stamp design. The name of the actual matcha powder is called “Shinrinyoku”, means “forest bath”; which reminds me of the earthy and grassy flavors of matcha. The color, texture and grid was inspired by the tatami mats in the traditional Japanese Tea House itself, the matcha powder itself, and the color of the Japanese flag. I wanted to bring users closer to the traditions, to honor the matcha product and Japanese culture, by reflecting it on the packaging as well.

Young Designers; Empathy in Design Thinking

I designed, and wrote an editorial for young UI + UX designers who are starting in their field. In the field pf UI + UX design, the topic of Empathy and Design Thinking is a soft skill that is highly sought. My style of my editorial was inspired by the International Typographic style, also known as Swiss Design. I used the icons of the heart and the brain to represent the topic ideas; Empathy + Design thinking. The visual language of the heart and brain was expressed in pixels to represent the digital space and environment of the designers. The main goal was to express the importance of building connections as a new and young designer.