Blake Peterson

Hello, my name is Blake Peterson. Before moving to Seattle to pursue an education in design, I grew up in Spokane Washington. There, I developed a fascination with all things vintage and tactile. I love to work with my hands whenever I can, and aspire to create awesome, physical design work that brings that same joy to others. The on-screen world is great, but there is something to be said about high-quality physical design and its ability to inspire. My areas of interest are brand development and packaging design and I find my creative inspiration in movies, music, pop-culture, and vintage fashion. The VISCOM program has taught me the importance of ethics, empathy, and critical thinking in not just my design career, but in all aspects of my life.


Export Magazine

Publication Design 

 Export Magazine is a publication that aims to expose visual designers to a multitude of professional fields that utilize the same design techniques in their own respective ways. By introducing the reader to new industries that benefit from design thinking, readers can gain inspiration and develop a broader understanding of design. This specific issue features the importance of design language within the world of sneakers and some of the world’s largest footwear companies.

Ocean Bed Single Artwork

“Ocean Bed” appears on English singer-songwriter King Krule’s debut studio album, 6 Feet Beneath the Moon. The song features a post-punk-jazz groove with garage band production quality, which is emulated within the hand drawn illustration. Deep blue pulls out the themes of sadness which are then broken by the chaotic turmoil of the remaining illustration, and the tension between the eye of the character and the crashing wave embody the turmoil that is portrayed by Krule’s lyrics.