Caitlyn Olexer

Caitlyn is a Seattle based illustrator and graphic designer. She works in a wide variety of mediums from intaglio and screen printing to digital work to acrylic paint. Her work is light and fun and full of whimsy. She enjoys paying homage to the smaller moments in life. Her work has been featured in her local Starbucks and she has also completed a few commissioned pieces of pets and people over the years. She’s loved art and all things creative since she was a toddler scribbling away with crayons in her highchair and could never imagine doing anything else with her life.

“The first mistake of art is to assume that it’s serious.” ― Lester Bangs

Design House Magazine

I was psyched to be able to create my own magazine. I could spend hours flipping through their pages at the local bookstore. For this project, I was inspired by interior design magazines and wanted to figure out a way to included house illustrations while talking about a design. I thought the title worked because it is similar to the term in house that is used among designers. I think it turned out super fun and the houses are adorable.

You Just Bought a Car, Now What? Booklet

When this project was introduced, I knew exactly what I wanted to make, a guide for new car owners.
My biggest pain point at the time was my car. I was having all sorts of issues with it and was having a
hard time keeping track of all the things I needed to. So to combat that, I created this booklet with
guides, checklists, fill in the blanks and more to help those in similar situations as I am in.