Claire Conway

Hi! I’m Claire, a multidisciplinary artist and soon-to-be SPU graduate with majors in Visual Communication and French. When I’m not at my computer or behind a camera, you might find me making music, exploring the natural beauty of the PNW or cruising around the city on my little orange bike.

Design, for me, is about finding deeper ways to connect with people. Studying in the Vis Com program has given me the change to spark meaningful conversations and to dive into subjects I am curious about. I have learned so much about my own creative process along the way, but above all, these last four years have taught me: do what you love, and the rest will follow.

Speaking of doing things you love, I am excited to say I will be relocating to Lyon, France this fall to teach English, eat chocolate croissants daily, and take lots of pictures.

Off Limits Zine

For our final capstone project, we were tasked with designing something that solved a problem we were passionate about. I chose to take on the issue of STI stigma, something I feel is not being talked about nearly enough considering that it is a public health issue affecting 1 in 5 people in the US. Beginning with an intensive research phase and over a dozen one-on-one interviews, the goal of this zine design was to create a platform for people to share their stories around often-stigmatized sexual health topics, with the wholehearted belief that “stories kill stigma” and that both hearing and sharing them can result in greater empathy for our own and others’ experiences.

Backyard Botanicals

When we were assigned our first packaging project, I was just beginning to learn about herbalism and experimenting with making my own herbal tinctures and infusions. I created a brand and packaging design for a lemon balm tincture that I actually made myself, incorporating elements of photography into the brand assets and physically packaging and photographing the product from start to finish. This project solidified my passion for product photography and is probably the most fun I’ve had in my time as a design student!