Ivy Nguyen

As an international student from Vietnam, my experience at SPU has opened my eyes to a larger and more colorful world. Defining, exploring, and understanding is what I can do while studying here. For me, design is a reflection of myself. All the projects and products that I made are milestones showing my development. I used to be stressed, tired, and doubtful but I have never regretted choosing this path with SPU. I absolutely cherish my time with everyone at this lovely school.

Design reflects myself.

MOME ConferenceĀ 

MOME is a 3-day creative conference, focuses on highlighting the value that motion design brings to visual storytelling in Marketing, and demonstrates that motion graphics are media campaigns visual storytelling is very useful for sharing stories about the origin of the business or product, a top brand storytelling tool.

Whippie App

Procrastination is a common psychological and lifestyle problem of modern life today. Whippie will support the development of people’s behavior and improve their work productivity. My design helps users build healthy time management habits with their phones instead of banning agents from interrupting their tasksā€™ progress.