Jordan Davies

Hi I’m Jordan and I’m originally from Renton, WA. I joined the Viscom program at SPU because of my love for creating. Learning about and practicing different types of design these last two years has been nothing short of a rewarding experience. I love design because not only is it a way to express myself creatively, but it gives me the chance to empathize with the world and design to make it a better place. In my free time, I love traveling and spending time with close friends and family. My favorite memory from being in Viscom is meeting my classmates in person for the first time after being on zoom together for over a year. I’m going to miss working with my peers everyday, but i’m excited for what the future has in store!

“The best is yet to come”


For this project, my design challenge was to create an app that catered as an outlet/coping mechanism for young children going through the process of blending families and divorce. This process required a ton of initial research including surveys and interviews, that eventually led me to my final artifact. Feelful is a very approachable, kid friendly app that is a safe space for children to journal their feelings, organize their schedules based on which parent they are with, and to play games and escape reality. 


I designed an infographic around the wicked problem of generational trauma, specifically within the Indigenous American community. I broke the panels up into three sections of information: Trauma related to health, poverty, and discrimination/violence. These panels serve to raise awareness and start conversation and resolution around this serious matter. I am proud of the way they turned out, and the important story that is told as you move through each panel.