Julien Howard

Hi, I’m Julien Howard, a product designer in Seattle WA. I grew up in the Pacific northwest, and take a lot of inspiration from the natural world around me. My design work mainly focuses on website and app design. I create digital experiences that are accessible, intuitive, and fun to use. I hope that I can bring a little bit of joy into the lives of whoever is using the products I design, and make their life a little easier. Outside of design, you can find me reading comics, drinking tea or rollerblading by the canal in my free time.

Therapy Journey

When I conducted interviews on the mental health care system, I learned that finding a therapist is a long and confusing process. So I created Therapy Journey, an app that helps adults go through the process of finding a therapist and get the most out of therapy. The app curates a list of steps to find a mental health provider based on the user’s preferences and insurance. Each step is explained in brief articles, and there are also reflection and goal setting features to help the user know what they want out of therapy and have a more helpful mental health care experience.

Therapy Journey mobile app screens
Solace sun tea packaging example


Solace is a herbal tea brand based on the power of the sun. Sun tea is a method of brewing tea in the sun over a period of a couple hours, which creates a sweet and mellow flavor. The herbal blends like in this hibiscus flavor are crafted with the sun tea brewing method in mind. With a bottle of Solace in hand you can enjoy the taste of a refreshing and restoring tea on a sunny afternoon.