Ken Kok

Hi I’m Ken, an aspiring UI/UX Designer. A little bit about me – I was born and raised in Manila Philippines. Around 2014, my family moved to the United States, and I went to high school in Central Florida. Now, I am a senior at Seattle Pacific University majoring in Visual Communications. I am most passionate about User Research, User Experience Design, and Motion Graphics. It is extremely rewarding for me to get to know my users and then utilize my own skills to share their story. I tend to work on projects with set guidelines and goals. Just like how a tall building cannot stand without a strong foundation, I like to be organized. My favorite memory from the VISCOM department would have to be project critiques, when we all present the hard work that we have been doing and simply admire everyone’s creative projects!

Without impact, innovation Is just an idea without promise.”

Gaia Agua

For this product design project, I created the Gaia Agua boxed water for an eco-friendly alternative towards plastic water bottles. I designed the top to be a hexagon to mimic the nostalgia of a circular top, while maintaining the square body for an easy transport. The brand name, Gaia Agua translates to “Earth Water” a fitting name that serves the purpose of saving the Earth.


The InspoSociety app is designed to provide information about the upcoming InspoSociety Conference that focuses on User Experience (UX). At InspoSociety, we strive to gather the most qualified individuals to share their story and inspire the next generation. Our goal is to connect professionals in the field, to everyone interested in the application of UX design in their business, careers etc. Download the app and join us at InspoSociety!