Madison Porter

Hello, I’m Madison – or Maddie! I grew up in Washington and have been here my whole life! In my free time I enjoy drawing, listening to podcasts, and spending time with family. My favorite places to be are by the ocean, in the mountains, or visiting Bellingham, WA. I transferred into SPU my junior year to pursue a degree in Graphic Design. The past two years I have learned so much and I am eager to see where my future will take me! I love that in this program we were taught so many different areas of Graphic Design because it truly showed me all the different opportunities there are out there for someone pursuing a career in design. What I enjoy the most about Graphic Design is it is creative freedoms, but with a purpose.

Love where you’re at

Flora Cannabis

My goal for “Flora Cannabis” was to create a cannabis brand and packaging that could stand out from the rest. Often cannabis packaging lacks personality or is cluttered with cannabis leaves. So, beginning right with the bat with naming – Flora sets the tone for an approachable marijuana brand, highlighting its natural flower power. Although now legal in some states within the U.S., Flora wishes to break the stigma of cannabis and shed a positive light on cannabis’ benefits, with the belief that the best comes from mother nature. The bright, organic, and groovy visual identity reflects the brand and the effects of enjoying cannabis products.


Sunroom is a mobile app designed to enhance your plant shopping experience. By providing you details on how to best care for each plant and their needs, you can make an informed decision on what plant you are best suited to take home and take care of. You can either search the plant by name within our app or you can simply aim and snap a picture of the plant with our in-app camera technology to find the plants’ details of care. It can be difficult to keep your plants healthy and thriving, this is why Sunroom provides you everything you need to know about your future plant additions.