Natalie Hoff

Natalie Hoff is a Portland-born designer. Her love for art stemmed from her artistic mother who inspired her to pursue design at SPU. Her childhood was full of painting murals, upcycling and constant DIY projects. Throughout her time at SPU, Natalie has gained valuable experience beyond the classroom by being the captain of the SPU women’s basketball team and working as the SPU graphic design intern in the University Communications department. She will graduate with a degree in Visual Communications and minors in both digital media and business administration. Natalie’s work often includes vibrant colors, typographic composition, and a playful vibe. Within the Vis Com program, she has found a passion for UI/UX design, brand identity, and print design. Natalie’s love for design comes from the fact that it is such a powerful tool for inspiration and social change. She looks forward to using her skills to create meaningful work and empower those around her.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” Maya Angelou


The idea behind Mindful came from watching my grandma struggle with Alzheimer’s and the huge effect it continues to have on my whole family. Caregiver burden was a big driving force for
this artifact. There are currently 15 million Americans providing unpaid care for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia. I created an app that could reduce this burden and make everyday tasks just a little bit easier for everyone. The app allows caregivers to input daily tasks and exercise reminders. It gives patients a space to journal about their day and keep a record to look back on. Most importantly it includes a feature that allows family and friends to send photos, videos, and voice memos to their loved one so everyone can stay connected.

Inspire Design

Inspire Design is a magazine targeted toward younger designers (high school/ college) who are hungry to make a difference for their futures. I created the 2021 issue that is primarily focused on design activism. Many designers want to design for change but are unsure how to approach these important issues and create meaningful, ethical work. The goal of my project was to create an artifact that would help pave the way for activism design. The magazine educates readers on responsible design and the importance of designing for a purpose, not just an aesthetic. It also includes a feature that sheds light on the positive opportunity the year 2020 brought to designers all over the world.