Sana Hakim

I was born and raised in the Bay Area in California in a small town called San Ramon. I was raised in a Muslim household and I’m extremely grateful towards my family to be able to be raised in such a beautiful and colorful culture. It’s definitely impacted who I am as a person and what I strive to be in the future. Outside of design, I have a huge hobby for plants – my house is a straight up jungle! I’m a huge foodie, my whole family are foodies, we’ve been told by friends and family that when we sit down for a meal we only talk about other food. Lastly, I’m trying to live this one life I have with all the positivity and love I could possibly give to others and to myself and I strive to continue to share that that through my design work as well!

“You do not just wake up and become the butterfly – growth is a process” – Rupi Kaur

You Are Not Alone Poster

This poster was created to address the societal issue of people experiencing isolation or self-isolation. This can be the cause of mental illness such as depression, high anxiety, or other extreme mental disorders. Isolation also roots from having low value/confidence for themselves. This poster highlights the resources for people to find a sense of belonging and to find their self worth and confidence again, but most importantly that no one is alone. I am very proud of the message of this poster and how I articulated it through illustration and typography.

Flow Magazine

Flow is a magazine that is targeted towards young college students that are learning about the history of graphic design and specifically design movements. In this special edition, the topic is around the Pop Art era and to educate upcoming artists on some of the most influential pop artists that are still relevant to this day and has shifted what pop culture is known to be. The goal for this magazine is to provide a space for people to be immensely inspired by these artists’ passion and drive and hope to create a creative and supportive community.