Serena Schrim

Hi there! I’m Serena Schirm: creative problem solver, lifelong learner, friend, and outdoor enthusiast. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I spend most of my time hiking mountains, searching for secret swimming holes, and enjoying the rain from the comfort of quirky coffee shops in Portland and Seattle – my two home cities. When I’m not enjoying the PNW, I am telling stories, solving problems, and creating engaging digital experiences. At my core, I am a designer who is passionate about seeing ideas and people grow. I believe I was created to be a gardener, intentionally cultivating the life I have been given into something beautiful. That belief is reflected in my design process: I begin with a seed (an idea), I till the soil and water the ground. With (a lot of) trial and error, that seed becomes a fruit-bearing tree (a life-giving experience for customers).

“There are things you cannot understand, and you must learn to live with this. Not only must you learn to live with this, you must learn to enjoy this.” ― Donald Miller

“SousChef” – Conceptual

App Design

How can we make eating well easier? Only 38% of Americans consider themselves “healthy eaters”. SousChef is an app designed to increase that number. With personalized nutritional information, recipes, and an all-inclusive grocery list SousChef provides people with a framework and trustworthy information to help them enjoy food the way it was supposed to be enjoyed!

“Typo” – Publication Design

Typo is a conceptual magazine born out of the desire to encourage designers to explore outside-the-box forms of communication. With its insurgent history of using signs and symbols to communicate various messages, graffiti as an art form can teach designers a lot about what it means to communicate in creative ways to specific audiences. Typo serves as an introduction to when, where, why, and how designers can be implementing the legacy of graffiti into their work.