Theresa Nguyen

I am a first-generation Vietnamese-American who aspires to become a UI / UX designer. I am passionate about creating digital products and experiences that make others lives easier and connecting with others on a personal level. My expertise is in producing thoughtful, innovative, impact-driven, and user-centric work surrounding the topics of mental health and philanthropy. I love design because of it’s unchallenged potential to create real change and impact; and I believe it plays a critical role in the shaping of our future. My favorite hobbies are: long boarding, playing with my bunny, staying active, self-care, and quality time with loved ones.

“To be creative means to be in love with life. You can only be creative if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty.” – Osho

IKIGAI- Interactive Mobile

App Design

IKIGAI is a social impact app born out of the desire to combat exploitative social media platforms that are intentionally harming their own users, amplifying the worst parts of human nature, and effectively putting the very make-up of our societies at risk. The goal of my app was to gamify the experience of social good and explore how we can amplify the best parts of human nature instead. With interactive social impact games tailored to your personal interests, built-in mental health tools, and community-based profile features that make the experience of giving more enjoyable, measurable, and meaningful, there is hope for humanity!

Mental Health Disparities in Racial

Minorities – Infographic Panels

In this information design project we tackled the challenge of how to construct a narrative driven primarily by visuals. My infographic addresses mental health disparities within racial/ethnic minorities. Its goal was to raise awareness about the vastly lower rate at which minorities are receiving behavioral healthcare services compared to their white counterparts, the subsequent effects this has, and why the need for reform is more imminent now more than ever with our increasingly diverse population. My project illustrates how minorities are forced to bear disproportionately higher burdens of disability from mental disorders due to unequal access to care, resulting in concerningly higher rates of depression, suicide ideation, and substance abuse. The purpose of my project is to spark conversation about the matter in hopes that it will bring us closer to bridging the gap in the mental healthcare system and towards a solution aimed at assisting these vulnerable populations who are suffering.