Vivian Liu

My name is Ziwei Liu, I was born in Shenyang in northern China, a very cold place in winter. As far as I can remember, my mother has asked me to recite ancient Chinese poems. Besides, studying calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting are also my part of childhood. Until now, I have studied these for almost 15 years. Right now I am going to be a designer, art is more like my close friends, we will bring more benefit to the world.

“Creativity takes courage” – Henri Matisse.


Many components in goat milk are also vital to the human body. Some nutrients are even more abundant than milk. GoatLada is committed to cultivating the best source of goat milk and letting every bottle of goat milk deliver a high-quality and happy life. We hope to close the relationship between the brand and the consumer. Let the customers feel the primary purpose of strictly controlling product quality and delivering a better life in brand development. With the efforts of people in various industries, our agricultural products provide goat milk to front-line workers to pass on our love. Every lamb is the source of love. We give on love and firmly believe that love will change everything.

Talk Time Edmonds

Talk Time Edmonds is part of the group in the International Students Club, aiming to help international students (like me:) practice English and share cultures. Every Thursday, they hold an event to share their experiences studying in the United States and exchange cultures. This place lets many international students make new friends and practice their speaking skills. I was asked to redesign their logo and volunteers’ T-shirts for TalkTime Edmonds, making the group more united and helping more international students be willing to participate in Talk Time.